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Revival Outreach Ministries

Revival Outreach Ministries

On behalf of Pastor Johnson Bakashaba and his wife, Margaret, welcome to the ministries of Revival Outreach Kabale, Uganda.

Revival Outreach Ministries offers the love of Christ to orphans and homeless and hopeless children by giving them education, shelter, food, medical care and by teaching them the Word of God. Our child sponsorship program allows children in dire circumstances to be fed, clothed and educated. Children have found shelter, love and hope in Kabale House of Hope Children's Home. In addition, the gospel is being preached in the deep villages and churches planted to help transform society with the Word of God. Learn More.

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In Uganda over 14 million of the country's 27 million people are below the age of 15; approximately 6.9 million adults are illiterate; about one-quarter of the population is unable to secure adequate food for all or part of the year; and poverty in the household and the continuing burden of HIV/AIDS is having an increasingly negative impact. The number of children orphaned continues to increase; 13.1% of children under the age of 18 are considered orphans.

Primary Issues
• High number of undetected cases and deaths linked to the AIDS virus.
• Early engagement in sexual activities and unwanted pregnancies.

Since there are so many needy children in Uganda, we want to get them off the streets of hopelessness as soon as possible. We need your prayers and support.


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